It was a gray, overcast morning at DeShong Park. The older guys like this type of weather, because you’re only left to deal with the humidity. Hot sun can drain you very quickly, but humidity just makes you sweat more.

Having photographed most of these guys before, I wanted to try out some new things. With the sun struggling to break through the clouds, I needed a plan to get more light on the court. Having my SB-910 already attached to a softbox for some portraits of Chris, I decided to use this along with my SB-600 which was attached to a small tripod. The arrangement worked fairly well, but of course there were limitations. First, I needed to stay close to the softbox so it would neither fall over or get knocked over by either the wind or a player. Also, my speedlights didn’t have the power or range of the studio strobes I use for indoor basketball. Thus, I needed for the players to be below the free throw light for the light to be effective.  Next time, I’ll probably use a super clamp and magic arm to mount the speedlights on the upper portion of the fence. This way, they remain above the danger zone (ground level) and still provide a downward light pattern.

The featured player this week is Chris. The gallery for this session is available here.

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