Full House

The sidelines were packed today with guys waiting their turn to play. No particular reason, it was just a nice day to play I guess. The weather was excellent, and the games progressed pretty fast. However, once the sun was out in full force, the sidelines began to empty. I stayed for a few games, to utilize some of the bright sunshine, but packed up before it got t0o hot.

I’ve been trying to get in as much time on the courts the last few weeks.  Reason being, my Saturday schedule for September is already filled with both boy’s and girl’s indoor basketball. October will be a mixed bag, with several scheduled photo shoots to start the high school basketball season. Not to mention, my annual pilgrimage to Florence, SC to shoot Alumni activities for Wilson High School (my alma mater).

This week’s featured player is Byron. I added a CTO gel to my flash to provide an evening glow with natural morning sun providing a rim light. I also moved the softbox in close for softer light.

The gallery of pictures are available for download here.

S e a r c h
A r c h i v e s