All Smiles

Like a family that occasionally has it’s disagreements, the guys at DeShong Park certainly have theirs. Back and forth arguments over things that seem trivial to the casual bystander. However, this is all part of a bigger plan.  Having spent much of my youth on the basketball courts, I understand that grandstanding is part of the gamesmanship. Let guys get away with too much, and they’ll walk all over you.  Don’t call fouls, you’ll be sitting on the side watching the next game. You challenge to get respect, plain and simple.

In the end, they were all smiles, as they talked about their on-court heroics. They leave their differences on the court, which is why I liking coming to this particular park to shoot. To this end, I’ve added some post-game candid shoots to the picture gallery.



S e a r c h
A r c h i v e s