Battle Tested!

The young ladies that play at DeShong Park on Sunday afternoons are coached by a very smart man. He knows that some of the best female basketball players to ever play the game, began by playing street ball against the boys. The ordeal is meant to toughen them up, strengthen their resolve.  With this objective in mind, he allows them to take their share of bumps and bruises. Not rushing out to pick them up when they experience a hard foul, teaching them that when they get pushed around they need to push back. Only then will they be able to play tough and tenaciously like Teresa Edwards, Dawn Staley and Cheryl Miller.

I have much respect for the girls I saw playing this past Sunday. They took some good shots, but got back up and continued to play. The most important thing, they didn’t cry. All their hard-earned respect would have literately been washed away at the first sign of tears. So, here is a short montage to the battle tested ladies at DeShong Park.

S e a r c h
A r c h i v e s