Basketball Dreams

Too many superstars showed up at DeShong Park this morning. Guys looking for their moment of fame on the website, hoping I’ll get nice shots of them to post. Not that I mind, I try to accommodate guys whenever possible.  I understand these are slices in time that you can’t get back. However, there was one kid there with no agenda. He hung around the court for several hours, knowing he would only get to play in those precious moments between games. He was too small and too young to even be considered for a team. Yet, he stayed. I can only imagine that, he’s patiently counting the days until he finally get’s his chance to play with the big boys. It’s the love of the game that drives him.

Looking back on my youth, I know how hard it is to be the “little man.” Seems like you’ll never grow. You admire the older guys, more so than NBA players. The guys on the court are right in front of you; some are even your friend. Kobe, LeBron and D. Wade are not that accessible. But, the little guy will get bigger, and hopefully I’ll still be shooting at DeShong when that time comes. So, this post’s first few pics are dedicated to the little guy with basketball dreams.

S e a r c h
A r c h i v e s