Perfect Weather

Cool mornings, a preview of the fall, are perfect for outdoor sports. You don’t heat up as fast, and you generally don’t run the risk of overheating. Thus, the fellas showed up today with heavier layers or light jackets. It wasn’t until the sun was high overhead did they start to shed their shirts. As the outdoor basketball season is starting to wind down, the long summer of play is starting to take it’s toll. Injuries are more frequent, and guys don’t play as many games. It’s even getting harder for me to constantly kneel during a game. It seems like, the winter break will be welcomed once it arrives.

Only playing 4-on-4 means the back log can last for almost an hour. Sometimes guys never got an opportunity to play. Most of the games were lack-luster, so I decided to spend some time shooting the action off-court. Trying to create the atmosphere that you feel when you’re at the park, I focused on the guys waiting for their turn to take the court and the kids that come with their dads.

Another laid-back morning at DeShong Park. But the weather was perfect.

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