After 6 months of shooting at DeShong Park, the guys seem more like family than players.  Sure, they fight like cats and dogs sometimes, but that’s just what families do. Today, however, the action on the court seemed secondary to the atmosphere on the sidelines. Instead of obsessing over playing time, the fellas were content to just sit around and enjoy the company of friends. Some guys bought their families; others came just to talk with friends and not to play. Still, everyone had a good time. I took the opportunity to get candid shots of most of the guys, which is always fun to see them without their game faces. I also took more pictures than normal, so just about everyone is represented.  Starting last week, I began spotlighting a specific player each week. This week’s featured player is “Jet” (black shirt w/ red shorts), which is why he shows up in so many shots.

For those with an interest in photography, I shot with a Nikon 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens that I rented for an upcoming event next week. It allowed me to get really tight shots of the players, which is something I normally can’t do unless I’m right there in the action. I try my best not to interrupt the play of the game, and this lens allowed me to stay on the outskirts of the court. The way the lens flattens the background makes it one of my favorites.

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