Cool Runnings

Cool and breezy weather is not very inviting for many outdoor basketball players. Some fellas decided to sleep in, rather than brave the elements this morning. Although the sun shined brightly over the court, it was clear that bare chested tattoos would not be seen today. Instead, sweat pants and hoodies were the order of the day. Not much on the court in terms of action, with guys simply trying to stay warm. So, I resorted to shooting candids for the most part.

The featured player this week  is “Crow” (black shirt w/ yellow shorts), a professional tree climber by trade.  As is the tradition, he gets most of the shots this week. However, he didn’t endear himself to many today. He is always vocal, but  nearly coming to fisticuffs was pushing the limits of what is deemed acceptable at DeShong Park. I do understand the frustration. It’s been a long season, and guys are tired, injury prone and easily irritated. But, as far as the fellas are concerned, he’s still a member of the DeShong family. So, all will be forgotten the next time he steps on the court.

With each passing week, I get the sense that the season is slowly drawing to an end.

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