Perfect Form

Street ball players are offensively minded. So, it’s not surprising that I get asked one question on a weekly basis: “How come you don’t have any pictures of me shooting the ball?” There are numerous factors, but probably the most important is the way a player shoots the ball. Simply shooting the ball above your head, instead of at eye level, makes a world of difference.  The reason why this is important is that, you block your face with your arms when you don’t shoot with the ball above your head. Or worst, you cast a dark shadow across your face that hides all the details. In either case, I often times can’t use the picture.

This week’s featured player is “Slim” (all white clothes), one of my two  favorite players to shoot because it’s always easy to get a good shot of him. The other player is “Delta” (red shirt w/ black stripes). Their long frames and arms, combined with their text book  perfect shooting style photograph well. So, today’s gallery features several players with overhead shooting styles.

S e a r c h
A r c h i v e s