Hawks Soar!

I wondered what an 8-0 team would look like when I arrived at Mill Creek High School. Having seen the top-ranked Shiloh High School Generals take the court a few times this year, I was expecting a similar sea of trees when the Mill Creek team entered the gym. However, the Hawks did not look very imposing.  In fact, except for their centerpiece Daniel Loudermilk (#15), the team looked like rather ordinary. But as I soon discovered, looks can be deceiving.

After only a few minutes of play, I quickly realized why Mill Creek was consistently winning – balanced team play. Inside and outside, offense and defense, the team has good players at all five positions. However, their one glaring weakness was exposed late by Marietta, and allowed the Blue Devils to keep the game close – poor ball handling. The Mill Creek guards, while talented, have a tendency to turn the ball over. Their desire to constantly push the tempo of the game, led to careless and errant passing. But, Mill Creek was still able to withstand several Marietta runs, and defeated the Blue Devils 54-49.

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