Lady Blue!

I scheduled this game for one reason only – to finally get a chance to see the phenom Diamond DeShields play. I purposely didn’t look for a picture of her on the internet, or find out what her jersey number was prior to the game. I even planned on covering my ears during the player introductions. I wanted to “discover” who she was by simply watching the team play. When the Norcross High School Lady Blue Devils took the court, I thought it was strange that the shooting guard was doing the tip-off. Once the referee released the ball, Diamond DeShields (#22) made herself known. She leaped so high and so fast that, the opposing player barely got off the ground before Diamond sent the ball flying over her head! I learned in a few brief minutes that she was an excellent passer, ball handler, shot blocker and 3-point shooter. Wow, what a package!

However, DeShields became a victim of the Norcross team’s success against Meadowcreek. Early in the 3rd quarter, with Norcross up by nearly 40 points, Diamond was placed on the bench, where she would remain for the rest of the game. You could see on her face that she was miserable; she lived to play. The Norcross team itself is a dynamic collection of size, speed and shooting accuracy. The Lady Mustangs were outmatched from the very start, but played valiantly until the end.

Because of her reduced playing time, I didn’t get any good shots of Diamond DeShields. So, I’ll have to schedule another game to see exactly what she can do.

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