Training Day

Marissa Mandeldove (#5) speaks with Parkview Coach, Tony Watkins

It was business as usual for the Parkview High School Lady Panthers on Tuesday, January 17, 2012. With less than 3 minutes remaining in the game, and Parkview up by 20 points over the Central Gwinnett Lady Knights, Parkview Coach Tony Watkins kept his foot on the gas pedal. He pushed the Lady Panthers as if they were down by 3 points. He quickly benched players that didn’t keep to the game plan, and intensifed the constant pressure on the Lady Knights. He is preparing the Parkview ladies for what lies ahead in the not too distance future – teams that will not wilter under the defensive pressure cooker, but continue to play the entire game. Central had such resolve, knowing the key to beating the full-court press is crisp and precise ball movement. However,they lacked finishers to score on those occasions where they were able to slide through the Panther defense. The Georgia High School State Playoffs begin next month, and the competition will be the toughest yet faced by the Parkview team. The concept of constantly or selectively applying pressure defense for an entire game is what tonight’s training session was all about. It’s a valuable lesson that, Coach Watkins hopes will serve the team well.

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