Knights Hold Court

After shooting over 60 high school basketball games this season, you would think pre-game warmups would be old to me by now. On the surface it looks like stretching exercises and provado, but it’s much more than that. Teams are sizing each other up, showing each other their capabilities before tip-off. Intimidation is a powerful tool if used correctly.

Charlotte Christian School has a unique pre-game ritual. They take their queue from football teams – diving on the floor, sprinting across the court, running invisible full-court traps. All in an effort to demonstrate their speed, quickness and agility. And yes, Archer High School players would take short glances down court, but I doubt they were intimidated.

These two teams were evenly matched (at least on paper), with the Knights gaining the advantage inside. But, for the most part, the game was not very competitive. Charlotte Christian was able to easily pull away from the Archer Tigers early in the third quarter, and win going away 68 to 47.

Pictures from this game are available for download here. Downloads are FREE, however, if you use images on school websites you must credit Ty Freeman Photography. Keep in mind that, these are LOW RESOLUTION images, not suitable for printing. If you need HIGH RESOLUTION images, contact me.

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