Bird Fight!

South Cobb Senior Guard, Corey Ross (#3)

Back in December, the South Cobb High School Eagles were flying high. Finishing the month with a respectable 8-3 record, the team looked destined for a promising season. On paper, they matched up well with most teams in their region and dreamed of making a push for the state championship. But, along came January and a string of losses. Now, those dreams have all but vanished. On Tuesday, the team will play a yet unnamed opponent, just for the opportunity to get into the regional playoffs.

Despite the loss to Hillgrove High School on Friday, February 10, 2012, it was a special night at South Cobb High School for graduating seniors. Thus, I tried to focus on capturing the senior players on both the boys and girls teams. I really like the players on each team, and hoped to be photographing them playing at Gwinnett Arena in the coming weeks. It was very hard to watch them play what can be their final high school home games as losses.

Pictures from this game are available for download here. Downloads are FREE. These are HIGH RESOLUTION images, suitable for printing.

S e a r c h
A r c h i v e s