Tony Parker ESPN HS Article

Tony Parker, Miller Grove High School Basketball Recruit

I was honored to be selected to photograph images for the recently published “Tony Parker’s Inner Circle” article, for ESPN HS Magazine. The full article can be found here. Tony Parker is one of the most heavily recruited high school basketball players in the nation, and he confided in his close circle of family and friends prior to making his college selection. It was a fascinating night of conversation, in which I tried to capture the emotion of “the decision.”

First and foremost, thanks be to GOD for placing in the right place at the right time. Also, I can’t thank enough Coach Sharman White, head basketball coach of Miller Grove High School, for his personal recommendation to ESPN HS. Also, Jason Jordan (ESPN HS editor) for giving me free rein to roam around and photograph the participants. I would be remiss if I did not thank the Parker Family for opening their home to me, and being comfortable enough to speak candidly in such a public setting. Least not I forget Tony Parker himself. An incredibly smart and talented young man, that impressed me more and more as the night went on. He is definitely no dumb jock, and speaks with both a purpose and high intellect. What a magical night!

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