Open Skies!

It was a slow start to the games this week. Guys were late showing up, and even slower to warmup. So, I took the opportunity to get some candid shots of Dwayne, a.k.a., “Smitty.” Each week I try and spotlight a different player, and Smitty was due. The pictures of Smitty are located at the end of the gallery.

It was a mix of clouds this Saturday, which meant I had to constantly change my position to locate the best light. My preference is for the sun to hit the players at a 45 degree angle, simulating the type of light you would get in a studio setting. This not only helps with lighting the player’s faces, but also creates nice shadows and angles. Direct sunlight would be too flat and boring.

Images from this gallery can be downloaded here.

S e a r c h
A r c h i v e s