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Season 2, street basketball at DeShong Park

Full House

The sidelines were packed today with guys waiting their turn to play. No particular reason, it was just a nice day to play I guess. The weather was excellent, and the games progressed pretty fast. However, once the sun was out in full force, the sidelines began to empty. I stayed for a few games, […]

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Big Mike!

Another overcast Saturday. But, this time, I did not utilize flash or strobes. It was enough natural light to get by without it. We were able to get in several games before the rain started, literally without warning. While the fellas headed to their cars, I was left to collect my gear. Thankfully, no water […]

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It was a gray, overcast morning at DeShong Park. The older guys like this type of weather, because you’re only left to deal with the humidity. Hot sun can drain you very quickly, but humidity just makes you sweat more. Having photographed most of these guys before, I wanted to try out some new things. […]

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Open Skies!

It was a slow start to the games this week. Guys were late showing up, and even slower to warmup. So, I took the opportunity to get some candid shots of Dwayne, a.k.a., “Smitty.” Each week I try and spotlight a different player, and Smitty was due. The pictures of Smitty are located at the […]

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DeShong Park: Season 2

Street Ball 2012 at DeShong Park, officially kicked off on Saturday, May 5, 2012. I decided to return because it’s my favorite form of basketball. No referees, no cheerleaders, and most importantly, no terrible lighting conditions to contend with. I can just concentrate on getting the shot that I want. Also, I have free rein […]

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