Learning Photography

My goal in photography is to learn something new everyday. I’m constantly reading magazines, blogs, tutorials and watching videos. All in an attempt to help make myself a better photographer. Here is brief list of sites that have helped me improve my skills:

Sports Photography

This is the one area I have most interest, and thus, do the majority of my photography. The following individuals are ones that I follow on a regular basis.

Dave Black
Without exception, Dave Black is the KING of sports photography. Practical, funny, and always willing to share information. IMHO, there is none better. On his site, be sure to make use of the search feature. You’ll find answers to questions that most sports photographers have. Also, he updates his site regularly, so you always have the latest and greatest information. If you have the time and resources, I highly recommend his workshops.

Mark Rebilas
His blog is chock full of valuable information on sports photography. You follow him on his assignments, and he is gracious enough to post his camera settings for each image he shoots. On the surface, this may seem trivial, but is is extremely valuable when you venture out to shoot a sport you have not encountered. His shots give you a good starting point, as well as, perspective as to what editors are looking for.

Scott Kelby
Not considered a sports photographer, but his passion for sports sometimes gets the best of him. This of course, has led to many posts where he dives in head first into a particular sport, and lets the chips fall where they may! Whether it’s football, basketball, or hockey, Scott always explains his approach and outlines typically problems encountered by working professionals. He makes his share of rookie mistakes, but in the end, he always walks away with usable images. This is the  main objective of ever sports assignment. No one pays you NOT to get a good shot.

Action Photo School
The brainchild of Conner Walburg (http://www.cnwphoto.com). Practially, an online action photography course! Many actions sports are covered, including skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing, etc.  You can easily spend hours on the site each week. Fresh, relevant content that is also practical. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, you will be surprised that Conner monitors the site and answers most questions posted.

Dustin Snipes
Young, energetic sports photographer. He’s not an action photographer, but rather an athletic portrait photographer. This is an area many action photographers struggle. Dustin makes it look easy, as well as, gives you behind the scenes information.

Flash & Lighting

These sites get “down and dirty” with the details on the proper way to use flash and lighting to enhance your images. They don’t talk in general terms, but rather give specifics on camera setting, metering, exposure, etc. They even tell you the exact equipment they use and answer your posted questions. You can’t ask for more than that, for free!

The blog site of Neil van Nickerk. Hands down, the most informative photography site on the internet. Neil’s articles and videos are both practical and technically accurate. I guarantee you will leave the site feeling smarter about photography, then go back the next day! Go and bookmark this site now! It’s rare in the industry to find a professional who is open with such valuable information. He also offers workshops, which provide that critical hands-on learning we all desire.

Melissa Jill Blog
Phoenix wedding photographer, Melissa Jill, recently completed an excellent 13-part series on her blog site on the subject of flash photography. The great part is that it’s totally free! No, she didn’t wrap it up in an e-book or only make it available to those that buy her products. She offers this information freely to anyone with an interest in photography. To get to the flash portion without searching, use the following link.

Lighting is Easy.com
Blog site for master photographer, Chuck Vosburgh. He gives practical examples on how to use off-camera flash and studio lighting. More importantly, he provides light diagrams with each tutorial, so you can duplicate the setup.

Gregory Cazillo Blog
Real down to earth dude. His video tutorials tend to focus mainly on ambient and available light. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, he speaks to you on your level.  That’s a rare gift.

Image Processing

Countless tips and techniques for Lightroom and Photoshop users. The contributors are top-notch professional instructors, and Photoshop users, and always deliver interesting content.

MCP Blog
A commercial blog focusing primarily on Photoshop actions. While it is somewhat a showcase for the MCP actions offered by the company, Jodi Friedman (owner) provides many valuable photography tips and techniques for using Photoshop to enhance your images.

Tips & Techniques

The creation of Richard Schneider, digital photography enthusiast. PictureCorrect is a one stop shop for online information on photography. Guest posts ensure you get uncompromised and unbiased information, free from those beholding to certain advertisers. Archives go back nearly ten years, so there is some duplication of information.  However, having different contributors allows the information to stay fresh and modern.

Fro Knows Photo
Entertaining and educating site of the afrodad Jarid Polin, a former music photojournalist. He is engaging, funny and speaks in terms you can understand. He doesn’t try to impress you with how much he knows, and let’s you see his mistakes. The videos with his grandmother, Lil, are priceless.

F Stoppers
Excellent resource for in-depth information about digital photography and video. The video tutorials are first-rate and cutting edge. The behind-the-scenes videos give you a first-hand look at professional photography.


Jasmine Star Blog
There is only one site you will every need to visit in terms of branding for photography.  Jasmine is the undisputed queen of branding, and you don’t ever feel that she’s pushing her brand. Quite simply, no one does it better. If Oprah was a photographer, she would be Jasmine Star.

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